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Hi, my name is Jenn.

I'm an award-winning investigative journalist, narrative writer and editor in San Francisco, where I work for The Standard

My work has appeared in the Washington PostThe Daily Beast, SFgate, Bitch Magazine, North Bay Bohemian, Mercury News, East Bay Express, Santa Cruz Good Times, Design World, Pacific Sun and a variety of other newspapers and trade publications.

I have appeared on various national and regional broadcasts, including the Dr. Phil Show, Larry King Live, Geraldo Rivera at Large, Headline News and Nancy Grace.


First Place, Beat Reporting, AAN — 2020

First Place, Public Service, CNPA — 2020

First Place, Writing, CNPA — 2020

First Place, Pandemic Health Reporting, CNPA — 2020

First Place, Wildfire Feature Coverage, CNPA — 2020

First Place, Breaking News, CNPA — 2020

First Place, Coverage of Local Government, CNPA — 2020

Third Place, In-Depth, CNPA — 2020

Fourth Place, Coverage of Local Government, CNPA — 2020

Finalist, Pandemic Health Reporting, CNPA — 2020

Finalist, Pandemic Fallout Reporting, CNPA — 2020

Finalist, Feature Writing, CNPA — 2020

Finalist, Investigative, CNPA — 2020

Finalist, Enterprise, CNPA — 2020

Finalist, Coverage of Local Government, CNPA — 2020

Finalist, Best Reporting on Racial Justice, Sacramento Press Club — 2020
Second Place, General Assignment, SF Press Club — 2020
Second Place, Investigative Reporting, SF Press Club — 2020
Third Place Investigative Reporting, SF Press Club — 2020
First Place, Investigative Reporting, SPJ NorCal —2019

Second Place, David Carr Award, AAN — 2019

First Place, Youth and Education, CNPA — 2019

First Place, Breaking News, CNPA — 2019

Second Place, Enterprise, CNPA — 2019

Second Place, In-Depth Reporting, CNPA — 2019

Second Place, Business, CNPA — 2019

Finalist, Investigative, CNPA — 2019

Finalist, Local Government, CNPA — 2019
First Place, Public Service, CNPA — 2018
First Place, In-Depth, CNPA — 2018

First Place, Investigative, CNPA — 2018

Third Place, Investigative, CNPA — 2018

Finalist, Business, CNPA — 2018
James Madison Freedom of Information Award, NorCal SPJ — 2018
Best Scoop, NorCal SPJ — 2018
First Place, Investigative Reporting, NorCal SPJ — 2018

Impact Award, Political Reporting, Silicon Valley Democratic Club — 2018
First Place, Investigative Reporting, CNPA — 2017

Second Place, Business News, CNPA — 2017

Third Place, Public Service, CNPA — 2017

Finalist, Investigative Reporting, CNPA —2017

First Place, Investigative Reporting, CNPA — 2016

Second Place, Writing, CNPA — 2016

Second Place, Enterprise Reporting, CNPA — 2016

Finalist, Environmental Reporting, CNPA — 2016
First Place, Breaking News, CNPA —2010


A reporter's role in bringing a killer to justice (Tracy Press, 4/19/2019)

Suspect's identity stuns an already reeling Tracy (San Francisco Chronicle, 4/13/2009)

Pastor's granddaughter arrested (Larry King Live on CNN, 4/13/2009)

Spotting serial killers (Larry King Live on CNN, 4/24/2009)

The story behind the story in the Sandra Cantu case (San Jose Mercury News, 4/14/2009) 

Think we still don't need newspapers? (Crazy in Suburbia, 4/11/2009) 

Nancy Grace (4/17/2009)  

Huckaby reporter leaves Tracy Press (Stockton Record, 9/30/2009)

Reporter helps crack Tracy murder case (East Bay Express, 4/15/2009) 

Reporter's legwork helps uncover a crime (From B 2 U, 4/14/2009) 

Star reporter banned? (Stockton Record, 4/30/2009) 

Tracy reporter reminds us of our best qualities (Patterson Irrigator, 4/18/2009) 

Big story drops into struggling paper's lap (LA Times, 4/14/2009) 

Tracy Press, once a daily, now a weekly newspaper (Mondo Times, 6/4/2010) 

Interview with an accused killer (Greta Van Susteren, 4/14/2009)

Reporter helps break Cantu murder case (ABC7 News, 4/13/2009) 

Sunday school teacher facing death penalty? (Larry King Live, 4/14/2009) 

Why was little Sandra murdered? (Dr. Phil, 4/22/2009) 

Journalists credited for cracking Cantu case (NBC, 7/17/2009)

Digging deeper (Santa Cruz Sentinel, 4/14/2009)

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